Written by wyncode on 25th June 2014, 5:18 PM

When talking about website design, coding often takes a backseat to content. However, without excellent coding, great websites can’t take form. In recognition of this fact, we’ve put together a list of some of the best coding you can find on the web.

1. Spotify Cannes

Spotify Music Player’s Cannes 2014 website has received some press for its innovative concept and minimalistic aesthetic, but what’s really impressive is the HTML. Real-time graphics set to procedurally generate a user demographic diagram? Yes please!

2. Dangerous Robot

Polish web design company “Dangerous Robot” is here for their frankly amazing transitions, which are actually fairly easy to do in HTML5. What wins out isn’t the complexity of the coding, but indeed, the simplicity.

3. Showerbox

Showerbox is a highly impressive website for reasons that become obvious upon a quick viewing. Users with slow internet speeds might experience hangups, however.

4. Catscarf

When it comes to coding, the little touches count. CatScarf is on this list because of the tiny things that matter, like intelligently and carefully colored highlighting.

5. Purple Rock Scissors

As you can see from it’s similarity to other sites on this list, Purple Rock Scissors is not a spectacularly creative use of HTML5. What it does do, however, is beautifully integrate videos into its design.

6. The Formica Envisualizer

Website’s like Formica Envisualizer live or die on the strenght of their coding, which Formica, fortunately, has in abundance. For coding geeks, its worth signing up just to check out their HTML.

7. LinkSture

At least one Indian computer magazine has declared LinkSture’s homepage “the most user friendly website in the world.” While most wouldn’t go that far, its certainly very beautiful and intuitively coded.

8. Project TP

Cheeto’s Project TP is probably the weirdest website on this list, and is worth looking at for that alone. While you’re at it, you can enjoy the clever coding that makes it possible.

9. Google Spell Up

It’s rare to see websites coded to precisely identify and cater to specific browsers. Its even rarer to find ones that will check if your speakers are muted for you.

10. Ultimate 75th

Despite a few user interface issues, Ultimate 75th is on this list because its design actually helps convey information. Coding is great, but its even better when it works quietly in the background to generate a great user experience.