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Wyncode is committed to bridging the gap of women in the tech industry. That is why we're rolling out our Women in Tech scholarship to join any of our four in-person programs in Miami, Fl.


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Empowering Women to Pursue a Career in Tech

Our goal is to encourage more women to break into computer coding, UX/UI design, and digital marketing, ultimately building long-term meaningful careers in technology. This is why we decided to launch a $1.4 million scholarship, a commitment that will last through the next four years. 

The scholarship aims to balance our female enrollments. Wyncode is trying to create an atmosphere of gender equality and women empowerment through this special opportunity. We want to make women know that we are conscious of their unlimited tech capacities.

“There’s a shortage of women in technological roles and not because women lack skill, but because they lack equal opportunity in a traditionally male-dominated industry. As a community of educators, technologists and entrepreneurs, we see limitless potential in all our students and alumni, and want to develop a support system through education to help them achieve their goals.” 

Johanna Mikkola, CEO and Co-founder of Wyncode Academy

Discover The Wyncode Difference

Powered by the traditional education experience of our staff, Wyncode has job-ready content delivered through project-based learning, hands-on support, & collaboration.

3. Dedicated Learning/Working Space

There are countless reasons why should you join Wyncode, but we thought we'd start with 3

1. Superior Curriculum & Delivery

2. Unique Hiring Partner Network & Job Placement Assistance

Wyncode is the only coding school in Florida with its own dedicated space. Having our own base allows for complete control of the facility, including 24-hour access for Wyncode developers, designers, and digital marketers with access to teaching assistants during off hours in the evenings and on weekends.

As the 1st coding school in SFL, Wyncode currently has the largest hiring partner network in the entire region. Over 220 companies have hired at least one of over 550 Wyncode graduates, and 55 of those companies have hired more than one Wyncoder. 

We also offer lifetime job placement assistance for Full Stack Web Development & UX/UI Immersive

Full Stack Web Dev Immersive 

Choose Your Learning Path

Digital Marketing

Front End Web Development

Learn about:

JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS and JQuery, plus soft skills and professional development

10 Weeks Monday - Friday 10 AM - 6 PM

UX/UI Design Immersive

Learn about:

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ReactJS, JQuery


12 weeks- Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6:30-9:30 p.m

Learn about: 

Understanding users, communicating through design, and shaping the user journey. Also includes an introduction to UX Framework, collaborative discovery and professional development

Duration: 8 Weeks, Monday - Friday 9 AM - 6 PM

Learn about:

Digital strategy, SEO, metrics and analytics, Social Media Marketing, SEM and Adwords.

Duration: 10 Weeks, Wednesdays & Thursdays 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

With over a decade of experience in corporate, agency and startup environments, Michael brings a deep passion to the ever-evolving field of performance marketing. He’s created and led multi-million dollar digital marketing campaigns for clients across different industries

Gessica is returning to South Florida after 3 years in San Francisco where she was Director of Product Design at Beyond, an ideas and technology company. She has worked with brands like Coca-Cola.


Ed Toro, Head Instructor

Full-Stack Web Development

Chet Bortz, Head Instructor,

Front-End Web Development

Auston Bunsen, Head Instructor

Full-Stack Web Development

Gessica Tortolano, Head Instructor,

UX/UI Design

Auston is a self-taught super-genius. He was the CTO of 1Sale and founder of Miami tech conference SuperConf before dedicating his life to spreading his deep knowledge of code.

Ed is one of the most beloved coding bootcamp instructors in the country. He graduated from MIT, and has been involved in several startups as well as being a Miami tech community leader for a decade.

Mike Schott, Head Instructor

Digital Marketing

Chet has over 8 years of programming expertise in Florida. His tech career has seen him work with 1Sale as VP of Engineering to co-founding Chet joined Wyncode Academy to help mold the minds of future developers.

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