29 May

10 Weeks


Web Immersive Cohort MIA 26

02 Jul

10 Weeks


Web Immersive Cohort MIA 27

06 Aug

10 Weeks


Web Immersive Cohort MIA 28

10 Sep

10 Weeks


Web Immersive Cohort MIA 29

15 Oct

10 Weeks


Web Immersive Cohort MIA 30

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Knight Foundation

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Number of weeks


Times A Week

Mon, Tue, Thur
6:30 - 9:30 PM

What You’ll Learn

Week 1

Orientation and Environment Setup
Command Line
Agile Project Management

Week 2

CSS Basics
CSS Layouts

Week 3

Responsive Web Design
Sass & LESS

Week 4

CSS Performance
Git and Github

Week 5

Intro to JavaScript
JavaScript Variables
JavaScript Control Flow

Week 6

Computational Thinking 1
Computational Thinking 2
JavaScript Loops

Week 7

JavaScript Functions & Scope
Object-oriented JavaScript 1
Object-oriented JavaScript 2

Week 8

The DOM & Selectors
Traversing the DOM
Event-driven JavaScript

Week 9

Intro to the Internet
HTTP & Request-Response Cycle
JQuery & AJAX

Week 10

Web Components
React Fundamentals 1
React Fundamentals 2

Week 11

React Component Testing
React and Redux
React Router

Week 12

Advanced Topics in React
Final Projects
Continuing Education Srategies

Finance Your Education

The Tuition For The Course Is $4,000

Pay Up Front

One lump sum or $2,000 payable 2 weeks before the first day of class and $2,000 payable on the orientation one week before the start of the course.

Pay Over Time

See if you'd be approved for Climb even before you're accepted! Climb performs a soft credit check, which won't affect your credit.

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Instructor Profile

Chet Bortz
Head Instructor, Miami

Chet has over 8 years of programming expertise in Florida. His tech career has seen him work with 1Sale as VP of Engineering to co-founding Chet joined Wyncode Academy to help mold the minds of future developers.

What are Wyncoders saying?

The people at Wyncode do this for a living

The people at Wyncode do this for a living, they are not just teaching you to code, they are giving you the tools to make a change in your life for the better. It is tough, but if you believe you have the dedication and desire you can make it through and come out feeling like you have made a significant change in your life.

David Karim

FTL Cohort 5

Fort Lauderdale

The curriculum was well structured

The curriculum was well structured and is continuously improving. You dive into code, learn as much as you can, you can’t expect to learn everything, but you will learn what is necessary to get started and begin your career.

Alex Smith

FTL Cohort 4

Fort Lauderdale

I purposely came to Miami from New York to attend Wyncode

I purposely came to Miami from New York to attend Wyncode, and it has been a wonderful experience. As someone with zero coding experience, Wyncode’s 9-week intensive was ideal for me. Bootcamps which were 3+ months long didn’t appeal to me, as I didn’t want to invest too much time to begin with. Nine weeks was sufficient to dip my toes, get a great foundation, and gauge whether I enjoyed coding (which I totally do).

Karen Lam

MIA Cohort 10


Upon graduation, I secured a full time position

I just finished Wyncode’s second cohort, and I am happy to say that the quality of my instructors and the curriculum exceeded my expectations! Ed Toro, the lead instructor, is one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry.

Joel L.

Web Development Intensive


Truly outstanding!

Joining the Wyncode Miami 4th cohort has been one of the best decisions of my professional life. The 9 weeks of the bootcamp were jam-packed with challenging projects, insightful and well planned lectures, and drink-from-the-fire-hose abundance of opportunities to join the vibrant tech community of Miami.

Angel Huezo

Web Development Intensive


I attended Wyncode's second cohort last fall

Lets just say I’m a huge advocate of alternate education choices like dev boot camps now. 4 years at a traditional college did not give me the skills, opportunites, or job preparation that I needed, but this fledgling start up managed to in a very effective way.

Andy Weiss


The start to an entire new chapter

I could go on about the possitives and negatives of Wyncode, but the 5 stars and possative words mean next to nothing when it comes to what it is that Wyncode has provided to me and many others that I have seen go through this course.

Frank Ortiz

Web Development Intensive


Pay for learning how to code, was one of the best investments...

I would first mention that what I pay for learning how to code, was one of the best investments I have made in my history, why because not only you get the skills necessary for you to get a job as a developer, start your web development shop or develop that idea that you want to see happen.


Software Engineer

Web Development Intensive


I was fortunate enough to be part of Wyncode’s first cohort...

I had virtually zero experience coding before I joined (I had just a base knowledge of HTML and CSS). Two weeks after my cohort ended, I was extended an offer letter from my employer. I’m now a Junior Rails Developer at MDLIVE. Its still mind-boggling to me that this all happened in about 10 weeks.

Bryan Perez

Ruby on Rails Developer


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