11 Jan

9 Weeks


Web Immersive Cohort 8

19 Jan

9 Weeks

Fort Lauderdale

Web Immersive Cohort FLL 4

25 Jan

6 Weeks


iOS Cohort 3

28 Mar

9 Weeks


Web Immersive Cohort 9

04 Apr

9 Weeks

Fort Lauderdale

Web Immersive Cohort FLL 5

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Knight Foundation

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Why code?

Technology is disrupting every industry. Whether you want to start your own tech company or work within the technology sector, learning to code in South Florida will open doors. Now is the time to code.


In 2020, there will be around 1.4 million more computer science jobs than students. Today, there are 500k unfilled development positions!


Computer science jobs are growing at two times the national average.


The technology sector is at the center of economic growth across the globe.


Computer programmers earn an average of $1,218 a week and software engineers earn $1,549 a week, among the highest paid professionals in the country.

Why Miami and Ft. Lauderdale?


Miami is one of the most entrepreneurial cities in the United States. An ideal setting for your tech start up.

Emerging Tech Scene

MNCs and Startups alike are headquartered in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. From the rookie to the CEO, the scene is diverse and ambitious and ready for you to make your mark.


As a market on the tech frontier there are excellent opportunities to carve out your place not just in tech but launching or joining a local business.

Strong links to Latin America

South Florida is known as the gateway to Latin America and serves as an excellent location to service both markets.

Art, Design & Tech Converge

Unlike any other region, South Florida is vibrant and brimming with inspiration and collaboration.


A beautiful backdrop of ocean, palm trees and great weather are further complimented by affordable cost of living and international culture.

Learn more about South Florida’s Tech Scene!

Where do Wyncoders Work?

Where Do Our Grads Work?

Upon graduation, Wyncoders receive job support that allows them to take a successful step into the South Florida tech ecosystem, whether they want to join a start up or create their own.

Job Placement By Industry

Source Of Job Offers

What are Wyncoders saying?

Startup Spotlight: MyStyleBlox

MyStyleBlox is a start up founded by Mario Aguayo and Sandy Kacura and is a marketplace for freelance talent. Two years ago Mario, a former modeling agent, and Sandy, a model of 15 years, had grown tired of the manner talent agencies were carrying out their business. Most people in the industry excused late payments and biased internal politics at agencies which prompted Mario and Sandy to think that “there has to be a better way!”


In December of 2014, Mario, who had no previous  coding experience put together a simple WordPress website and tested the market’s receptiveness to the idea of a transparent freelance talent market.

“I couldn’t keep up with the submissions pouring in! It was great, but we needed a more sophisticated system in order to actually service the clients,” Mario said.

Fast forward four months and MyStyleBlox’s founders invested $50,000 to hire a web developer to create a web app.  This web developer failed to execute on building a platform that satisfied the requirements for the marketplace and MyStyleBlox was in trouble. coder we hi was missing the emotional side behind the brand and things just weren’t working.”

In the search for a new web developer, they encountered Juha Mikkola and Johanna Mikkola, the founders of Wyncode Academy at MiamiTech events. Mario kept asking if he could hire a Wyncoder to finish the app but most recent graduates were already working on other projects. After a quick meeting with Juha, before he spent any more time looking for a new developer he was applying for Wyncode’s Web Immersive program. “As a business owner I knew I had to find a technical co-founder. I chose the smart route and learned to code,” Mario said. “I decided to be my own technical co-founder and not rely on someone else to execute the MyStyleBlox vision for an online marketplace.”

”As a business owner I knew exactly what was needed and how it should look,” Mario said “At Wyncode I was able to build a flexible platform as a Minimum Viable Product that could easily be changed, which in the big picture has helped us save money by not hiring developers to make future changes.” Sandy’s warm smile confirmed the feeling that the husband and wife co-founders made the right choice in Mario learning how to code.

Their beta website www.mystyleblox.com is live on the web and without much marketing has attracted 1,400 photographers, make-up artists, production assistants, and stylists.

From a Wyncode final project, MyStyleBlox has quickly been making waves in Miami’s growing tech ecosystem. In October, Mario and Sandy pitched at Refresh Miami’s Demo Night against many well funded start up ideas. The group excelled and was selected as the overall winner by the judges as well as the fan’s choice award, securing $120,000 in credits to help the start up grow.


What’s next for the co-founders? They are busy working on new features, listening to customer feedback and applying for incubator and accelerator programs like Founder Institute and TechStars.

Do you have an app idea? Are you tired of looking for a technical co-founder to help make your entrepreneurial startup dream a reality?

Wyncode’s Immersive Web Development program may just be what you are looking for.

Applications are currently open for the next cohort in Miami which begins on January 11, 2016 and Ft. Lauderdale which being on January 19.

Learn more or apply here.


Founder's Institute Awards Wyncode Fellowship to Sean Cosentino

The Founder Institute, the world’s largest entrepreneur training and startup launch program helping aspiring founders across the globe build enduring technology companies, has awarded the first-ever Wyncode Fellowship to Sean Cosentino.


Sean Cosentino is a graduate of Wyncode Miami’s fifth cohort. The fellowship will cover his Founder Institute Course Fee to participate in the new Ft. Lauderdale chapter. The Founder Institute received 72 applications and Sean made the final 25 after an exhaustive evaluation process by Founder’s Institute headquarters in Silicon Valley.

“I couldn’t be more excited to attend the Founder’s institute, I feel it is an incredible opportunity for me to become even more deeply rooted in the Miami Tech Scene while gaining incredible insight and skill. I am so grateful to have received this scholarship and will make all those who had faith in me, very proud” said Sean. 

Sean was not the only Wyncoder selected for the Founder’s Institute. In fact 4 out of the final 25 entrepreneurs selected got their start learning to code at Wyncode. These entrepreneurs included Mario Aguayo (who applied with his co-founder Sandy Kacura), David Isaza and Ben Shelomovitz.

“Sean is a very enthusiastic founder, and the combination of his entrepreneurial personality and Wyncode’s superb dev training, makes him a very promising entrepreneur for the Founder Institute program,” the local Founder Institute Directors said. “Wyncode is one of Founder Institute’s best partners and Wyncode’s graduates are equipped with invaluable skills to build new technology companies. We are really eager to see how technical entrepreneurs like Sean push the boundaries of what’s possible in the upcoming semester of the Founder Institute in Ft. Lauderdale.”

The Wyncode Fellowship grew as a natural partnership between Wyncode and the Founder Institute in Ft. Lauderdale.

“One of Wyncode’s core values is building a strong tech ecosystem in the communities we are located”, Wyncode co-founder Juha Mikkola said. “Ft. Lauderdale’s tech startup ecosystem needed something like FI to kick start the development of smaller start ups so we were eager to get on board to support it. Wyncode’s entrepreneurial focus attracts people who want to learn to code as a means of starting their own business; now they can use FI as a launchpad after Wyncode to get to the next level!”

Wyncode Academy and Founder Institute will recognize Sean at Wyncode’s Pitch Day III, taking place on December 3rd at 6 PM in Ft. Lauderdale. Wyncode Academy’s Ft. Lauderdale Campus is located within General Provision in the FATvillage neighborhood and is accepting applications now for the January cohort beginning on January 19th.

Upon graduation, I secured a full time position

I just finished Wyncode’s second cohort, and I am happy to say that the quality of my instructors and the curriculum exceeded my expectations! Ed Toro, the lead instructor, is one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry.

Joel L.

Web Development Intensive


Truly outstanding!

Joining the Wyncode Miami 4th cohort has been one of the best decisions of my professional life. The 9 weeks of the bootcamp were jam-packed with challenging projects, insightful and well planned lectures, and drink-from-the-fire-hose abundance of opportunities to join the vibrant tech community of Miami.

Angel Huezo

Web Development Intensive


I attended Wyncode's second cohort last fall

Lets just say I’m a huge advocate of alternate education choices like dev boot camps now. 4 years at a traditional college did not give me the skills, opportunites, or job preparation that I needed, but this fledgling start up managed to in a very effective way.

Andy Weiss


The start to an entire new chapter

I could go on about the possitives and negatives of Wyncode, but the 5 stars and possative words mean next to nothing when it comes to what it is that Wyncode has provided to me and many others that I have seen go through this course.

Frank Ortiz

Web Development Intensive


Pay for learning how to code, was one of the best investments...

I would first mention that what I pay for learning how to code, was one of the best investments I have made in my history, why because not only you get the skills necessary for you to get a job as a developer, start your web development shop or develop that idea that you want to see happen.


Software Engineer

Web Development Intensive


I was fortunate enough to be part of Wyncode’s first cohort...

I had virtually zero experience coding before I joined (I had just a base knowledge of HTML and CSS). Two weeks after my cohort ended, I was extended an offer letter from my employer. I’m now a Junior Rails Developer at MDLIVE. Its still mind-boggling to me that this all happened in about 10 weeks.

Bryan Perez

Ruby on Rails Developer


I came into Wyncode with no coding experience at all.

I came into Wyncode with no coding experience at all. I had completed some basic codecademy courses on (HTML, CSS, and Ruby) but apart from that, I had never written an actual line of code. Through 9 weeks of Wyncode I was able to develop skills in HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, Git, Javascript, Jquery.

Alfonso Pintos

Software Engineer

Web Development Intensive


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The Team

Juha Mikkola

Founder & E-Commerce Entrepreneur

With close to two decades of startup experience and a proven track record of success.

Johanna Mikkola

Co-Founder & Managing Director

A senior management professional with over a decade of leadership and business experience.

Edward Toro

Lead Instructor

MIT alma mater, development & start up veteran and tech community leader.

Bryce Kerley

Instructor & Teaching Assistant

Damon Davison

Lead Instructor, Ft. Lauderdale

Matt Campbell

Campus Director Miami

Rita Rovira

Director of Hiring Partnerships

Sean Sellek

Lead Teaching Assistant

Mashon Thomas

Lead Teaching Assistant

Gabe Noboa

Lead Teaching Assistant

Manny Pontos

Campus Director Fort Lauderdale

Todd Metheny

Teaching Assistant

Jose Fernandez

Teaching Assistant

Jon Rose

Teaching Assistant

Auston Bunsen

Teaching Assistant

Daniel Llinas

Teaching Assistant

Mario Aguayo

Teaching Assistant

Kyra Fillmore

Teaching Assistant

Stephen Witte

Teaching Assistant

Krystal Klumpp

Teaching Assistant

Steve Worley

Teaching Assistant

Celeste Morford

Teaching Assistant

Angel Vanegas

Teaching Assistant

Jeff Ginsberg

Teaching Assistant

Sean Hendricks

Teaching Assistant

Fermin Carranza

Teaching Assistant

Spencer Dellis

Teaching Assistant

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Wyncode Academy, which runs coding bootcamps, will provide scholarships to nine Miami-Dade County residents from low-income neighborhoods.

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A computer programming academy that got its start in Miami's artsy Wynwood neighborhood is making its way up to Fort Lauderdale's FAT Village, set on strengthening the village's tech community.

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Juha & Johanna Mikkola

After meeting in Finland in high school, Juha and Johanna Mikkola found themselves in Canada working in the sports industry, him with his company FloorballPro and Clutch Sports, and her with the NHL.

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Cinco de Wyncode: 250+ people pack LAB to celebrate new coders

Many are saying that 2015 is the year of coding (and for the foreseeable future), and it's fast becoming one of the most important and desirable skills here in South Florida.

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Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist stopped by Wynwood this Thursday to visit The LAB Miami,...

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Developing new talents

Bryan Perez thought he could learn computer programming from a book. "It's such a solitary activity," the Fort Lauderdale resident said. "You're reading a book or you're watching a video online.

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